Thursday, 22 September 2011

Guided Walks with Network Christians

We were certainly blessed with wonderful weather over the last three days as I guided three walks for a group of Network Christians staying at Norton Grange, Yarmouth.

Day One
Western Yar Stroll

Most of the group joined me on the first walk around the Western Yar.  This walk is a great way to introduce people to the Isle of Wight.

Day Two
Up High on the Downs

Fantastic views up on the downs & so much to point out along the way!

Visited the rocket testing site where Black Arrow & Black Knight rockets were tested before being flown or shipped to Australia & transported to Woomera in the desert where they were launched.  These important experiments led to man landing on the moon & satellites being launched including Prospero the only British built & British launched satellite which is still orbitting the earth & passes overhead twice a day!

We were lucky to meet Mike Elliott one of the Rocket Men who worked at the site in the 1950's & 60's before it closed in 1971.  He was fascinating to talk to.

Day Three
Shipwrecks & Smugglers

A great finale!  Enjoying the sunshine with views across to Freshwater Bay.

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